Tuesday, May 10, 2011

4 months, Part Deux

We finally had Aidan's 4m doctor visit today.  Just when I thought I'd met everyone in the practice, a complete stranger walks in.  We continue to have no preference whatsoever for one doctor over another.  I liked Dr. Brogan and Dr. Finch just fine.  My husband likes Dr. Mahmud a lot.  Aidan seems to have a crush on Dr. Vitelli.  And today we had the CRNP, Gail, and she seems good too.  It's nice not to have to stress over who we'll be getting.

I digress.

The really important stuff, of course, would be the stats. 
13lb 7oz - 25th Percentile
23.5" tall - 10th-15th Percentile
16" head - 10th-25th Percentile

So we don't have a huge kid.  We knew this.  His weight is holding nice and steady on the 25% line, and that's what we keep an anxious eye on while I stubbornly refuse to give him formula or solids.  But I mean, come on.  He's hardly wasting away..


Aidan's eczema is getting worse.  We found a great cream that  has cleared up his face a lot, and we're going to have to start using it all over his little body.  I didn't realize how bad it was until one of his leg folds cracked open during the exam and he started bleeding.  He cried, my heart broke, fun was had by nobody.

Their belief is that it's likely due to a food, and it's likely soy.  I have been keeping it out of my diet for the most part, but I should probably do a bit better to avoid the small amounts that are in most things.  We could have him allergy tested, but since cutting back on soy reduces the reaction, we're fairly sure that's what we're looking at, so there's really no reason to do the testing at the moment.

On the positive side, he is right on target developmentally and he consistently amazes people with how expressive he is.  The doctor said she rarely saw such an animated face on a kid his age.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

To celebrate my first Mothers Day as an outside baby's mama, I took my little one to the Zoo.  We are fortunate enough to have a small neighborhood zoo in our backyard, which is a lot less daunting (and a lot less expensive!) than planning a trip to the Phila. Zoo.

Aidan donned his Zoo finest:

Including the hat that his great grandpa gave him before he was even born!

We even brought along Aidan's lady love, Auntie Megan:

It has occurred to us that our wild, ferocious cat may have let himself go a bit when we saw his Puma cousin at the zoo.



Friday, May 6, 2011

We've got a roller!

This is the face of a little boy who just ROLLED OVER! April 22, 2011.  You were 15 weeks and 4 days old :)

Mommy is so, so proud.  We were visiting Mommy's friend Jenn, and mommy put you on the floor for some often-forgotten tummy time.  As I was saying that you never even TRY to roll over, YOU DID IT!  Just to show mommy that you could :)

You have since repeated this trick for mommy and daddy and all of your Wednesday night friends!


How could I have forgotten this important first!

Your very first run-in with a character!  Here is you and the Easter Bunny.  Mommy was super flustered, because she didn't know Mr. Bunny would be stopping by your school until the night before, and we didn't have an adorable little man outfit ready - but some crazy running around solved everything and you were so brave!

Vroom vroom!

Question... What do you do with a big boy?  You buy him a big boy seat, obviously!

Here you are sitting in your new big boy seat for the very first time.  Everyone says you look so teeny tiny in there, but mommy thinks you look SO BIG!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


You are 4 months old, my wonderful son!!!

You, right now:
- Are almost done wearing Pampers size 1 diapers, and have started wearing some (rather baggy) Huggies size 2!
- Are still wearing size 0-3 month clothes.  Those pants might just fit you forever, but the onesies will be too short soon.
- Weigh some amount to be filled in at a later date.  Seriously, mommy has no clue.  I'm sorry, sweetheart.
- Drink four bottles while mommy is away at work.  Each bottle is 3.5 ounces.  Sometimes, you are a stinker and you only finish three of them.  This makes mommy worry, but you're **always** all smiles and giggles when I pick you up.  So you must be doing just fine!

You still love:
- tickles!  On your thighs, your tummy, your back, your underarms, your neck, and your cheeks.
- having your clothes and diaper changed
- your bumbo
- Your jumperoo
- a rousing game of "WHERE'S AIDAN!?"
- Wubbanubs!

You have learned to love:
- your SKWISH toy.
- your Sleep Sheep
- your Gentle Giraffe
- seeing Mommy and/or Daddy approach you!

You aren't so thrilled about:
- your crib (torture chamber that it is)
- your carseat
- naps

You are totally ambivalent about:
- The Cats
- Mommy and/or Daddy leaving

Life, this month:
- You went on a road trip to Connecticut to see Cousins Emery and Joan.  They are mommy's second cousins, and they love you to pieces.  You got to spend some quality time with your great grandma.  That's mommy's grandma, and she is a very, very special person in mommy's life.  You also got to meet mommy's Aunt Lisa and Uncle Joe, and mommy's cousin Michelle.  You had a great time!
- You got to meet your great grandma pat for the very first time, along with the rest of the Lux family.  They were so wonderful to mommy when she was growing up and mommy is so, so glad that you have them in your life.
- You rolled over, you big wonderful boy!  Once for mommy, and then again for daddy!  We are so proud!
- You have started sucking your thumb, and it is SO cute!  You usually stick your left thumb into your mouth, poke yourself in the eyes with your left fingers, and use your whole right hand to hold the left one in place.
- You still have weekly playdates with your buddies Phinn, Teddy, Chase, Ryan, and Timmy.  We're actively recruiting for females
- Mommy and Daddy picked out a brand new car for you to ride around in, and a brand new big boy carseat too!