Thursday, February 24, 2011

I just want to date my husband...

Ah, the joys of parenthood.  Our babysitter is out of town on the weekend that is not only our first wedding anniversary, but also my birthday. 

We'd already decided to take Aidan out with us for dinner on my birthday, but we were hoping to have an evening out without him for our anniversary on the 12th.  Clearly, not meant to be.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Photo Update

Uncle Ed and Aunt Stacey got Aidan this super awesome Jumperoo for his 0th birthday/Christmas.  He has such great head and neck control, and such a burning desire to stand, that I thought maybe it was time to try it out.

I excitedly put it together, super proud that I didn't need help AND didn't screw it up, and put my baby boy in it.  He loved it!  All those bright colors and the music and the sounds.  Only problem?  His feet dangle - no joke - at least 6" above the ground on the lowest setting.  My kid needs a step stool for his bouncer.  Oy.  Height - he doesn't have it...

In other news - Stormy meets Aidan and grooming ensues:

Stormy meets breastfeeding pillows, and sleeping ensues:

And the boy is working on smiling (on purpose)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Newborn Pictures (by which I mean he was 2 weeks old)

We just got back Aidan's "newborn" pictures.  He was, in fact, 2 weeks old.  And hungry.  And cranky.  But you wouldn't know it from the pictures!

You can see them all here:

But here are a few of my favorites:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The great childcare debate...

Part of me really wants to find someone to watch Aidan so we can go out and pay attention to each other for a couple of hours.  This is probably the same part of me that's not looking to get a Divorce.  Taking care of the baby hasn't been half as tough as taking care of our relationship while we're both exhaustedly playing the "look how much harder than you I work" game.

The other part of me is having a lot of trouble stomaching the idea of finding a stranger to watch my baby while I go out and try to do something other than wonder if he's happy.  Not because I don't think anyone can take care of him as well as I can.  Let's be realistic.  If you can keep his pants clean and thaw a few baggies of breastmilk, you're Aidan's hero.  I think it's just sort of depressing to realize that Aidan really doesn't care who's taking care of him.  I'd like to believe that he knows who mommy is and likes it when she's around - but the reality is, if the cat had thumbs, we'd be caretaking equals.

They say he knows my voice.  Think it's true? 

I'm sure I'll be missing these days once he's old enough for the dreaded separation anxiety.

I'll leave you with some far too cute pictures of my seated upright child.  Tummy time is boring, but Bumbo time rocks his world.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Pictures!

New Pictures!!!

January 2011

Includes Aidan's first bath, Josephine's visit, failed tummy time, and a visit from cousins Collin and Cameron

February 2011

Includes a trip to FL and a bunch of Month 1 Pickysticky pictures

Aidan can make faces...

I was looking through my iphone pictures and realized - my kid makes the best faces ever.

Holy crap, birth was terrifying!

The side-eye: I know how to use it!


We'll just call this one "my mommy dressed me in something stupid"

"Are you guys serious with this hat?"

"I was dead serious about knowing how to use that side-eye..."

"I shall look at you thoughtfully while I poop."

"I think "shocked and appalled" is a good look for me"
"Lips!  I have them!  And I can make them do funny things!"

Again with those lips...

"I am confused regarding why you thought this stupid bouncer would entertain me.  I'm about to scream bloody murder."

One Month? No way!

The obligatory comparison post.

Aidan on Day 0, when the sticker was too big to even put on his little chest:

Aidan @ 4 weeks, wondering what on earth I am thinking for photographing him sans-pants:

Aidan @ 30,000 feet

Aidan has officially traveled.  At 3w5d old, I put him in his easiest-to-access-the-diaper outfit, strapped him to myself in our beloved Moby, crossed every finger I had, and headed to the airport.

I was most worried about getting through security with my baby and his enormous stroller, carseat, and diaper bag.  Turns out, when you're young and cute AND YOU HAVE A TINY BABY, everyone's your very best friend.  The guys at security helped us breeze right through, no problemo.  In fact, everyone we encountered fell in love with him, though naturally assumed that he was born a mere fifteen seconds ago because of his - ahhem - small stature.  In fairness, I think the moby makes him look extra small.

I nursed in public at the airport, and the only ones who seemed to care were some old bags carrying (wait for it!) old bags, who pointed and stared and told each other loudly that girls in THEIR day (a few centuries back) were "modest with their bodies."  Naturally this made me want to dance shirtless atop the ticket counter.  I didn't though, I just let Mr. Aidan have his fill and stuffed him back into the Moby.

He handled the flight really, really well.  Not a peep out of him, seriously.  I thought he'd want to nurse during takeoff, but he was sleeping and didn't feel like being awoken, tyvm.  What he DID want to do was stretch out all over my lap, making it very difficult for me to lower my tray table and enjoy my complimentary snack.  See that lap full of giant baby, wubbanub, and blankie?  That would indeed be MY lap.

The trip was more awesome than any trip ever (I checked.  It was.  This is not an exaggeration) in that Aidan got to see my mom (who adores him to death, okay maybe not DEATH, but ever so close) and his 12yo Aunt Laura (who had never seen anything as tiny as my son's hands, apparently).

Aidan also got to meet his great grandma and great grandpa.  And his great uncle John.  And his confusingly related cousin of some sort, Anton.  And I remembered to take pictures of basically none of this.

One Month Doctor visit

Aidan had his 1 Month doctor visit today (he's 5w, but who's counting?)  We saw a totally new and different pediatrician, and I worried that no pediatrician could be as good as OUR pediatrician, so naturally this one was probably going to kill my child.  Only she didn't, and she was very good, and we like her.  Crisis averted. 

The Good:

My baby is monstrous.  8lb10oz, up three entire pounds from his discharge weight.  The nurse was all "oh, wow.  So uh, are you sure you're not supplementing?"  Yes, I'm sure.  The formula fairy is not feeding my child at night (though it would be lovely if she were, because I'd probably be getting more sleep).  This puts him in the 25th percentile for height (20.5"), weight (8.10), and head circumference (14.5").  Hooray for symmetrical growth?

His "diaper area" problem is all better.  Won't require surgery.  I don't think I posted about it, because what baby needs his testicular problems broadcast to the blogiverse, but suffice it to say that all is well now.

The Bad:

His circumcision doesn't look quite right, imo, and I asked the doctor about it.  It is apparently attempting to reattach itself.  Penile adhesions.  Foul.  I already curse the fact that I am forced to keep one of those parts clean (isn't this DADDY'S job?), and now I have to "gently retract" it after every bath.  Which is evidently every night.  So, um, time to start bathing my child more often.  Noted.

We also think the poor little guy is suffering from silent reflux.  We are starting him on Zantac and seeing how things are two weeks from now.  I'm not super convinced that he needs the meds, but we'll see.  Maybe he'll turn into a happier Aidan.

The Ugly:
Okay, it's not fair to call this ugly.  It's just the cosmetic stuff. 

His rashes all look perfectly fine and just like normal baby acne.  They should clear up in the next couple of weeks.  Score one for mommy, who thought he looked fine.  In your face daddy, for thinking Aidan was allergic to everything in the world including Mommy.

His pink eyelid, which we were told was from the "trauma of birth" but hasn't gone away, is apparently a storkbite.  Lucky kid - it's on his eyelid and can only be seen while he's sleeping.  And it should be much lighter by 1 yr and probably gone by age 5.  Storks bite some kids.  My kid?  The stork attempted to peck his eyeball out. 

Other stuff and things:

We need to start giving him Vitamin D drops.  They didn't bother telling us this at his first checkup because, as the nurse "unofficially" put it, so few of their breastfeeding moms at the first checkup are still breastfeeding by the 1 month visit, it just makes more sense to discuss it at the 1 month with whoever's still doing it.  O-kay.  Yes, we're still breastfeeding, and no, we're not supplementing, because my nipples apparently excrete lard and what more could a growing baby ask for?

Also, no parent ever gives their child enough tummy time, and we are apparently no exception.  I'd heard that it was acceptable to let him lie on his tummy on my chest, and as long as he was pulling his head up and stuff, it counted.  Turns out?  LIES, and I am the WORST MOTHER EVER!!! for not faceplanting him on the floor.  I fail to see the difference, but what do I know?  So I guess we'll work on that.

Hep B vaccine number 2  has been administered.  His face turned so many shades of purple, and I found out that he has a new "omg this FREAKING HURTS" cry.  And when he cried, I wanted to cry.  He looked up at me with his "mommy, why did you let this HAPPEN?" eyes, and I instantly began to dread next month's visit.

None of these things were the best part of the doctor visit though.  The very best part was that Aidan got to rock his AWESOME BOOTS!