Friday, October 8, 2010

Another box of happiness!

Huge thanks to Brittany for the ridiculously thoughtful baby gift.  Boy do I have a lucky kid...

We got our "must have" giraffe - and though I personally think it looks and sounds EXACTLY like a dog toy, I'm told it's the thing to have.  Baby Crack, they say.  My child clearly needs some crack.

Brittany also listened up as I worried about what kind of products to use on Aidan's skin.  I have so many skin allergies, I just wasn't sure what to try for him.  Brittany sent her best recommendation, in the form of a Burt's Bees Baby Bee gift basket!  I love the things of Burt's that I've tried and I'm sure Aidan will too!  My picture of this is kind of lame, but the basket is actually packed full of awesome loot (shampoo/body wash, a comb, lotion, dusting powder (?), diaper ointment, and apricot baby oil) in an adorable lined basket.  I fear unwrapping it for a better picture because I'm at work and I'm envisioning everything rolling around the floor of my car as I drive home tonight. 

Thank you so, so much Brittany :)

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