Monday, November 22, 2010

32 Weeks

Good appointment today - busy, but good.  My weight and BP are allegedly good, although both are higher than I've ever in my life seen (or hoped to see) them.  Our lazy little boy (honestly, his most dramatic form of movement pretty much just entails hiccuping) is measuring perfectly (we're going to go ahead and ignore that ultrasound that would have us believe he has a comically large head) and has a nice quick heartbeat (I choose to believe he's just excited about this whole "existing" thing, not that I caffeinate him too much).

I've been pretty on the ball with the things I needed to get done.  We picked a pediatrician that I'm very excited about, and confirmed that I'm all registered and ready to rock and roll at the hospital whenever Aidan wants to make his debut (not yet, please). 

I still need to go through some of the maternity/disability paperwork with my HR department - she dropped it off, but it's all complicated and I don't understand how I can fill any of it out now.  Maybe I don't have to?  I have no idea.  I need to corner someone and get some answers.

I've been officially sternly warned that if I can't handle "going to work, and then going home to bed" I'll be put on bedrest.  Aidan is anxious for his cameo and evidently if I don't want "random intermittent contractions" to turn into something serious, I need to take it far easier.  Oops.  So...  I...  shouldn't go Christmas shopping after work today?

I am scheduled out at the OB's through the day after I'm due.  12/6 with Belden, 12/20 with whoever is unlucky enough to be working Christmas week, 12/28 with Finnegan, 1/4 with Finnegan, 1/10 with Belden, and 1/18 with Finnegan.  I hear Finnegan's cool and everything but I don't know how I feel about the fact that I'm changing things up right when internals start.  I'll let it ride for now and see how the first one goes at 37w.  Or, rather, 37w1d - since THE WHOLE OFFICE IS ON VACATION on the Monday after Christmas.  Must be nice.

I have a consult scheduled for late December with the Anesthesiologist, who apparently just caught wind of the fact that my epidural placement could be "challenging" and wants me to bring in my films.  I'm going to have to do some digging - I don't think I ever actually got FILMS from the last radiology work - just reports - but I'll bring whatever I've got.

1 Month and 25 Days until Game On.  Stay put, little A!

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