Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Goodies from Great Grandma

Sitting on my doorstep today was a gigantic box.  I mean seriously gigantic.  It was goodies from my grandma, and good god, is Aidan a lucky boy.  Grandma's been sewing.

First - not for Aidan at all actually - a new baby gift for my handsome new nephew, Cameron.  I need to get this in the mail ASAP.  It's a gorgeously soft blanket and a sweater/hat/bootie set.

Next, Aidan's play quilt.  Perfect for tummy time.  My mom bought the fabric in Alaska and brought it back to Florida so that my grandma could make something fabulous.  The quilt came out great - nice and soft and thick - Aidan's going to LOVE it.  I have a thing for otters, as you can tell by the man-sized otter in the picture :)

Onward!  Grandma crocheted up a small blanket for Aidan's newborn pictures.  I am in love.  The pattern is so gorgeous and unique - I just love it and I know it's going to photograph really well...

Still onward!  Accessories that really finish out the bedroom.  Like, a monkey-pattern window valance:

And a monkey-pattern changing pad cover (with a spare for accidents...)

Monkey and coordinating burp cloths (prefold cloth diapers with flannel strips sewn in so they coordinate with the room)

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, his quilt and a matching pillow for the rocker:

Here's a picture of Aidan's recliner, loaded up with Great-Grandma Goodies.  I should mention (and thank grandma for the fact that) I got an AWESOME pair of pajama pants for myself in the same fabric used for the spare changing pad cover and some of the burp cloths.  I match my little boy's room!


  1. I can't believe how cute everything is!

  2. I can't believe I finally have some PJ pants that fit both me AND Aidan! :)