Thursday, February 10, 2011

The great childcare debate...

Part of me really wants to find someone to watch Aidan so we can go out and pay attention to each other for a couple of hours.  This is probably the same part of me that's not looking to get a Divorce.  Taking care of the baby hasn't been half as tough as taking care of our relationship while we're both exhaustedly playing the "look how much harder than you I work" game.

The other part of me is having a lot of trouble stomaching the idea of finding a stranger to watch my baby while I go out and try to do something other than wonder if he's happy.  Not because I don't think anyone can take care of him as well as I can.  Let's be realistic.  If you can keep his pants clean and thaw a few baggies of breastmilk, you're Aidan's hero.  I think it's just sort of depressing to realize that Aidan really doesn't care who's taking care of him.  I'd like to believe that he knows who mommy is and likes it when she's around - but the reality is, if the cat had thumbs, we'd be caretaking equals.

They say he knows my voice.  Think it's true? 

I'm sure I'll be missing these days once he's old enough for the dreaded separation anxiety.

I'll leave you with some far too cute pictures of my seated upright child.  Tummy time is boring, but Bumbo time rocks his world.

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