Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3 months old!

You are 3 months old, my handsome boy!!!

You, right now:
- Are wearing Pampers size 1 diapers, but once we finish off this last box, you'll be officially graduating to Huggies size 2!
- Are wearing size 0-3 month clothes, and you have plenty of room to grow in them.
- Weigh 12 pounds, 5 ounces.
- Drink 3 ounce bottles every 2-3 hours, but you've been known to (very occasionally) go 6-7 hours at night without a snack.

You love:
- tickles on your thighs
- your pal Scout
- having your diaper changed
- Dr. Vitelli (isn't she the greatest??)
- Giggling in your bumbo
- Your jumperoo

You aren't so thrilled about:
- your crib
- tummy time
- your vibrating bouncy seat
- sleeping at night

You are totally ambivalent about:
- Your toys
- The Cats

Life, this month:
- Mommy went back to work, so you started school!  You love it there and are always all smiles when mommy comes to see you.  You are there on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Mommy loves to come visit you at lunchtime.  You're almost always asleep when Mommy gets there, but you always at least pop one eye open to see her.
- When you're not at school, you are home, playing with Daddy.  You and Daddy have such a wonderful time together, and sometimes Daddy even calls mommy on the webcam so she can see you!
- We think you are allergic to soy, and mommy is trying very hard to cut it out of her diet. 
- You have weekly playdates with your buddies Phinn, Teddy, Chase, Ryan, and Timmy.  You are hoping to eventually meet some girls.

And this month's photo shoot outtake...  You look a bit drunk, or perhaps a bit hung over.  Sophie the Giraffe doesn't know what to make of you...

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  1. What a cute picture! That smile must melt your heart! It is fun to his cute personality developing! By the way, I think we use the same peds office :)