Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tasty Tuesday - Aidan's First Foods

My teeny tiny is five months old.  Although we were prepared to wait another month or so before attempting any solids, Sir Aidan had other plans.  On one of our much-adored weekly playgroup meetups at Panera, he reached out and snatched some bread from my plate.  Before he could be stopped, it was in his mouth.  And he loved it.  He's mama's boy after all - carbs make our hearts happy.

We let him nibble on bread from time to time, though we're in no rush to add more to the mix.  We're a BLW family (more on that later), so we're still eagerly watching for signs of readiness.

From a recent Olive Garden outing:

Unsatisfied to confine himself to bread, Aidan's also had a taste of cucumber.  Mommy meant to start him on veggies.  Turns out, cucumbers are fruits.  Whoops.

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