Friday, January 13, 2012

(Food) Trials and Tribulations

Last Wednesday, Aidan played hooky and we spent the morning with his wonderful Early Intervention Service Coordinator, Tam.  Tam loves Aidan and was super excited to see all of his progress.  I had a good feeling about that day - we talked about what services he needs and what would be best for him over the next half year - and I really felt like we had a solid plan in place.

Later that day, instead of making a triumphant return to school so mommy could get reasonable amounts of work done, we once again made the trek out to CHOP.  It was our first meeting with our nutritionist, and I'll be honest, I was nervous.  We haven't had the best luck finding care for Aidan since The Diagnosis.  (I think if it's bold, it's a little more ominous looking.  Think so?)  His doctors are medically stupendous but their bedside manner is nonexistent.

Anyway, we had nothing to lose, so off we went.  I wasn't disappointed.

Mimi is friendly and sweet and genuinely cares about Aidan and his quality of life - not just his disorder.  We discussed starting a food trial, and I requested rice.  Rice is pretty basic, gentle on the tummy, and was something that he used to love.  Also, it will help with his fine motor and feeding skills, and it will allow him to participate (slowly) in mealtime at school.

We also discussed formula changes - moving up to toddler formula in a 30 cal/oz concentration, adjusting his target to an attainable 30oz (instead of 55oz), and trying out some flavors.  Formula now comes in vanilla, chocolate, and tropical.  Sounds infinitely better than the current "rotting corpse" flavor.  We'd also like to try the EO28 splash juiceboxes, because, fun!

So the current plan -->
1. Rice Trial - 3 months, then a scope.  Wish us luck!
2. Back to the nutritionist in 1 month.
3. Back to the GI in 2 months to schedule the scope


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  1. I saw the bold and thought, "dun dun dun" soOoOoO ominous sounding. What's the saying about mice, men, and plans?