Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A tale of two (zillion) sippies

If you're anything like me, you have faced or soon will face something I like to call "Project You-Will-Drink-Out-Of-One-Of-These-Cups-So-Help-Me-God."  I don't know how it's going for you, but we suck at it.  Really, we do.

See, the problem is, bottles are awesome.  Aidan loves his bottles.  They are nice and round and comforting to hold.  Best ever, really

Attempt 1: Sippy Cups.  We have hard spout, soft spout, and weird rubbery spout. 

So, Aidan, what do you think??

Attempt 2: This one is different! People say it's great!  Give it a try!!!


Sigh.  Attempt #3. It's a straw.  Aren't straws the best?
 OMG he drank a sip of water from it.  Want to try formula in the straw cup, buddy!?

Well, he drank a sip of water.  That's almost like success.  Time to beef up the fleet...

Isn't this exciting?  They're green! Who doesn't love green!?!?!?

Okay, so maybe it's not the greatest straw cup ever.  But there are others!!  Let's try others!!!!!


I give up.  You win.  Take the bottle to college.


  1. Hahahah! I love that kid!

  2. Olivia is the pretty much the same! Formula she won't drink from anything but a bottle. Everything else is in a cup. Crazy kids! :)

  3. same here. sippy cups are a big fat fail.

  4. He is just the most handsome little guy.