Sunday, May 2, 2010

My very first CH

I woke up this morning, temped, and was awarded my very first shiny, lovely set of crosshairs. TTC vets probably don't get too worked up about them at this point, but I'm a crosshairs virgin (at least I WAS) and was way too excited. Even more exciting? I followed said crosshairs downward to find that we actually DID have sex that night. I don't specifically remember any rainbows, fireworks, or glitterfarts (and everyone knows that's how you get Pregnant), but hey it was three whole days ago, so I've probably just forgotten.

I guess I just have a short luteal phase, because people talk about waiting until 16 or 17 DPO to POAS - but I expect my period to show up on 15DPO. I guess what this means (to rational, merely 3DPO me) is that I don't even have to waste $$ on testing until I'm late. Buuuut, I have a big bin of internet cheapies, and at about a quarter per test, I think we all know what I'll be doing. I even bought a pack of 2 digital tests that will ONLY BE USED TO CONFIRM POSITIVE INTERNET CHEAPIES. Yeah, don't worry, they don't expire until December. December 2011.

Guilt and shame have managed to creep in from my shopping yesterday. I tried to pay my penance by doing some baby clothes shopping for Sophie and Oscar, who actually ARE having a baby, a sweet little girl, this summer. I just can't make myself pass up a good deal, even if it's for a phantom baby. Even if we adopt - no, ESPECIALLY if we adopt, I want to babywear. And although I don't think Tom will initially be too gung ho, I really hope he gets on board. For one, I love the bonding. For another, it frees up your hands to do the things that your hands previously enjoyed doing, pre-baby, all without having to abandon the baby somewhere. Yeah, I know, in an apartment this size, how could anyone EVER feel abandoned - but if it happens to the cat (who randomly gets "lost" in rooms we're not currently in and just sits down and cries his heart out), it can happen to a baby.

I guess I'm not really ready to share this blog yet. Someday, when I'm pregnant and things feel safe, maybe. Just... not yet.

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  1. Hi, I'm ermaderma from The Bump. I, too, get excited to see CHs on my chart :)