Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I dopplered

I knew every excellent reason why I shouldn't get one.  And ultimately, I didn't care.  I wanted one.  I broke down.  I ordered it.  And then today, it came.

My first ten minutes of dopplerhood involved hearing my own heartbeat in way more places than I thought possible.  Gave up and told myself I'd try at 12 weeks.  That particular resolve lasted about 2 hours, at which point I busted Mr. Doppler out again to have a listen.

I wasn't positive I'd be able to tell the difference between Peanut's heartbeat and mine - but once I heard it, it was ridiculously easy.  Peanut's heart beats literally TWICE AS FAST as mine.

For the record, Peanut is clocking in around 180bpm tonight.  I think it helps that I ate right before I used it - all that yummy sugary watermelon must have woken poor Peanut up!

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