Friday, June 25, 2010

The Official News-spread

After our great visit and ultrasound at 9w4d, Husband and I figured that the only *reasonable* thing to do was to tell the world. 

We told one set of friends the day after the ultrasound.  They were appropriately thrilled for us.  We have two more sets of couples that we really hang out with, and we haven't told them yet.  Kind of a "next time we see them" sort of thing.  Other than that, a few coworkers here and there know, and others will catch on eventually.  No big "announcement" planned.

So, family.

We started with his mom, and to be honest, I have no idea how he told her.  I sent a gift, and the plan was that she'd open it and understand.  This may have happened.  I never actually asked.  The gift, for the record, was a onesie that said "I love Grandma" along with a copy of the ultrasound picture.  Since Ohio-brother and his wife already knew, and PA-brother was there when MIL found out, that pretty much takes care of Tom's family.

But my family is bigger and more complicated and more geographically diverse.  Mom has known since the day I saw two pink lines, and Laura found out at the same time, but they've been awesome at keeping quiet.  Since I can't tell any of them in person, I wanted to be at least vaguely creative.  For the big ones, anyway.

For my grandparents, I put together a wedding photo album and made the very last picture our ultrasound picture.  Mailed it to Mom, who will give it to them when she's back from Alaska.  She'll make sure they understand what they're seeing and be able to celebrate with them.  Yay.  The package is now sitting in her PO box, waiting to be picked up.  Get back from Alaska already, mom!

Dad in STT got a wedding photo album too.  But his wife got an email, explaining what was up, so she could make sure he understood what was going on.  The package is currently in PR and he should have it by early next week.

Big sister and her husband found out via email.  Okay, not creative, but they'll deal.  I told my brother over IM, and asked him to keep quiet for the next couple of weeks while I get word out to everyone else.  Easy. 

So things are kind of held up right now on mom getting back from Alaska.  Once she's back and the grandparents are told, word can spread freely to the rest of the family and I can stop avoiding people's calls (out of fear that I'll slip up).

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