Friday, June 18, 2010

First time at the new OB

I can't believe I forgot to post about my all-important first visit with the new OB.  June 18th.  I'll backdate this to make it look like I'm not a forgetter-face.

The rundown:
- lots of paperwork.  Paperwork upon paperwork, and when I finished that and got to go to my stirrup-encrusted exam room?  You guessed it, more paperwork.

- Nurses - nice ones, who don't make me wait ten forevers to pee.  If you're pregnant, you just *know* to show up having to pee like it's your job.  Nothing irks me more than showing up, having to pee, and not being allowed to.  Other than the husband actually beating me to the restroom, and having to wait for HIM to finish, all went smoothly in this department.  Side note - my pee was negative for the badness.  Whatever that badness might be.

- Answered tons of questions about terrifying things that do NOT run in either of our families.  Thank god.  My family is heart attacky/strokey/lupusy but thankfully not Downsy/CF-y/mental retardationy.  The worst thing that we have to look out for is that I have a minor NTD.  And our sequential screen next month should hopefully help calm our fears on that front.

- Met the doctor.  Doctor Belden.  Mister Doctor Belden.  I've never had a dude-OB before and thought I'd be weirded out.  Turns out, no.  It's fine with me.  Husband feels weird about it a bit, but it helps that Mr. Dr. is kind of old.  Too kind of old to still be hot.  Plus I'm fairly preoccupied by OMG IT'S MY BABY! to enjoy Mr. Dr.'s company.

- Didn't have an internal (not entirely sure why - everything I've heard and read has said I'd get an internal, but I haven't had one since before I got pregnant) but I guess it's because I just had my pap in March.  I'm not complaining.  Fewer hands up my hoo-ha make me a happy girl. (in this respect, delivery will make me a sad, sad girl.  I know this.)

- Our first ultrasound.  It was flippin' awesome.  The baby looked great.  He/She is adorable, I can already tell.  Husband and I held hands while we listened to the heartbeat and saw the Peanut chillin' in his/her little hot tub.  Lots of fun.

- Scheduling ahead.  My next appointment with Mr. Dr. is on july 16th.  My next appointment overall is July 12th at 7:45 in the morning (um, this is no good for me, I like to schedule dry heaving and general retching between 7am and 8am) for Part I of the Sequential Screen.  The ultrasoundy part!  Looking forward to seeing how much Peanut changes in 3 weeks.  There will be a placenta (oooo, placenta) and peanut should go from prune-sized to peach-sized.

 Peanut @ 9w4d.  2.74cm CRL (1.1 inches) No, I am not also gestating a small moon.  That's the yolk sac, and it will go away at some point.  I  have no idea when.

And while we're at it - clearly my husband is psychic, because he knew what the kid would look like weeks ago.  Except that I don't have a bicornuate uterus, thankfully enough.

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  1. OMG his picture really does look like your LO!