Tuesday, June 8, 2010

People are Stupid

However could I have forgotten to tell one of my latest "People are Stupid" stories?  Here goes...

I was at the mall, shopping for new bras at Motherhood Maternity (gag, they only had nursing bras, so yeah, now I have access flaps) when I decided I was hungry.  Reasonable, since I was shopping over the lunch hour.  I took my Motherhood bag with me to the food court and tried a new Mexican place called "Fresh Tortilla Grill" (do not go.  It be yucky).  They didn't have fountain drinks and the only options were coke, sprite, and diet coke.  Not even bottled water.  I happen to think Sprite is foul.  Although I've mostly done away with caffeine, I decided to splurge on the diet coke instead of suffering through a gaggy sprite.  My choice, right?  You'd think...

I took my tray and sat down at a table, tossing my bag on the table next to the tray.  I have to imagine the bag was what started this all, because at 8 weeks pregnant, the only one who thinks I *look* pregnant is my husband, and that's really only because he's a moron and says things like "wow, you look big" when he should clearly be replacing "big" with "pretty".  I digress.

Sat at my table, cracked open the diet coke, and no sooner did I take a sip when this woman comes RUSHING over to my table and berates me for drinking the diet coke and clearly not caring about my baby. 

First of all, one can of soda is not going to hurt my baby.  If you see me participating in a case race, or chainsmoking cigarettes, fine, say something.  I probably deserve to hear it.  But flipping out on total strangers over a can of soda?  Come on...

Not to mention that the assumption that I'm pregnant is, IMO, fairly presumptuous.  I don't look pregnant (unless she has my husband's particular brand of blindness and stupidity), and while I'm guessing she read the bag and figured I just didn't look the type to buy something for someone other than myself, I could just have easily already HAD my baby and simply needed some new bras or stretch mark cream or whatever the hell else they sell in there. 

For what it's worth, I kept pretty calm, and told the woman that while I appreciated her misguided concern, I was fully capable of making these "difficult" decisions on my own.


  1. UGH! That's annoying. People ARE stupid/

  2. OMG that's ridiculous! Please tell me you told her to mind her own effing business.

  3. Hey, I hope you don't mind me reading! I love your blog! People can be so ridiculous, and completely lose their filter, when they are talking to someone pregnant :/ It's lame.

  4. Wow. I never encountered strangers like this but have heard stories of strangers thinking they can get in other people's business.

    You should have said "well I figured after the 3 martini's I had I should try something else so I can drive home soon"