Saturday, July 24, 2010


We did it.  We registered.  We officially exist at Babies R Us.  We also have a smaller registry at amazon for the "gear" that is far cheaper to buy online than in stores.

Tom was amazingly into registering.  He was our designated scanner and only pretended to shoot other shoppers with his scan gun twice.  That place has a lot of ground to cover, and I gave up before we scanned any of the feeding/medicinal/infant care/safety stuff.  That will have to be another day, when I am armed with someone who already has a kid.  A lot of that crap looks useless, and I will admit to having no idea what I need.

They gave us a goody bag, which really amounts to some magazines, some coupons, and a teeny diaper.  Tom loved the teeny diaper.  I love Tom.

It's been a big week all the way around, actually.  The stroller will get here on Tuesday.  The crib has been ordered by grandma and will arrive anytime between next Thurs and the following Tues. 

Moving quickly, but with Tom likely to be teaching high school this fall, we won't have the time to devote to baby gear research after summer.  Plus, we're mad excited, yo.

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