Sunday, August 1, 2010


The baby's room is looking really good!

We started with the superduper green walls, which made me nervous, but are really looking good now that there's some furniture in there.

We then had a blitzkrieg weekend of baby room work during which Tom put together the shelving unit, hung the curtain rod for the valance, and hung some wall shelves.  He also put up the monkey decals on that half of the room (other half will have to wait until we get the rest of the furniture).

I love the shelving unit - $99 at ikea.  I got the brown and cream fabric drawers on sale at Target and the smaller green nylon ones on sale at Big Lots.  Tom picked the owl bookends (not my favorite but he loves them) at Marshalls and the big yellow moon nightlight at Ikea.  Then hanging globe lights are from Five Below's summer luau collection, and you can't really tell, but the shelves are holding the army of Anamalz that I got for pretty cheap from a deal-a-day website shortly after I found out that I was pregnant.  We hung the Shields family crest above the window.

Not long after all of this progress, the stroller showed up.  We weren't planning to buy it until sometime in the fall, but I found a rare coupon that didn't exclude baby jogger and went for it.  Glad I did :)  Stormy is a fan...

 I LOVELOVELOVE this stroller.  Baby Jogger City Mini.  We got the infant carseat adapter and the parent console.  Ultimately, we also want to buy the child tray.  I registered for it but we obviously won't need it right away since we'll just be snapping the carseat on.

A few days after the stroller showed up, the crib came!  Again, not something we need now (obviously) but grandma wanted to buy it for us and was ready to make the purchase now, so who am I to complain?

Loving the crib.  It's LaJobi's Nursery101 line - the Morgan crib/changer combo.  Not a dropside, worry not :)  Easy to put together with only minimal husband assistance.

What's left to do?  We need to buy and assemble the dresser.  We need to find a small table to go next to the rocker.  My mother-in-law is buying the wardrobe, and we'll need to put that sucker together too.  And once that's done, we'll hang another set of monkey decals on the crib/dresser/wardrobe side of the room.  At that point, the baby's room is more or less furnished, minus little touches that I'm sure I'll be adding over the next 5 months :)

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