Thursday, July 22, 2010


At 15 weeks pregnant, a baby shower is the last thing that should be on any woman's mind.  But The Bump's messageboards seem to be awash with posts about "too many people offering to host showers" and "too many people to invite to only three showers" and "why won't they start planning my shower now?!" posts.

Got me thinking.

I don't foresee myself having one.  My family is 1500 miles away - too far away to reasonably plan or attend a shower.  And lacking a superclose "we've known each other since we were FETUSES!" best female friend, I can't realistically picture any of my girlfriends throwing one.  And my guy friends - well, let's not go there.

So we're back to "I don't think we'll have one" which leads me to "should I really bother registering?"  And the awkward conversations have started too.  When people find out that I'm pregnant, apparently they don't know WHAT to say, so they ask when my shower is.  What am I supposed to say?  I usually just say that I don't know of anything being planned, and then change the subject.  One girl today took it upon herself to try to convince me that a shower would be "soooooooooo fun!" and I'd get "so much great stuff for the baby!"  Uh, I didn't DECLINE a shower, I'm just not aware of anyone planning to give us one.

So - to register, or not to register?  I've been really really down in the dumps lately about the whole "having a baby" thing.  I'm in primo "you look fat, not pregnant" stage and loathe catching sight of myself in the mirror.  My husband offered to take me to BRU over the weekend to start a registry, thinking it would cheer me up, but I feel like there isn't any real reason to register.  I have a list of things that I need to buy between now and January, and it's really my responsibility to get them - no?


  1. I think you'll be suprised ~ people love buying things for babies even if you don't have an offical shower. Might want to register to help friends & family far away know what yall like/want/need.

  2. I would register. Even if you don't have a shower, I'm pretty sure people will want to buy you something and having one is nice to have for that reason. PLUS you get a completion coupon a month before your due date to get anything left on it for 10% off. :) Its also nice to have so you know what else you need to get.