Thursday, August 19, 2010

Name problems...

So, here's the problem.

I call my baby "Hatchy."  It's short for hatchling, which I use because I envision my baby being born looking something like this:

I mean, I feel like that's what the ultrasounds are indicating.  Hatchy will eventually mature, of course, looking something like this around birthday numero uno:

My worry?  Hatchy will stick.  Just for me - no one else uses it - but I literally cannot stop myself from using it.


  1. Funniest post ever! I can't wait to see the birth announcement to compare Hatchy's actual appearance to your current impressions!

  2. It's okay - I read another blog where the child is referred to as "little assh*le" since the mom is not enjoying being pregnant. Hatchy sounds perfect to me!

  3. eek. Hatchy sounds not so bad now.