Sunday, August 15, 2010

Progress in Peanut's Room

We made some great progress in the baby's room today.

For starters - and this isn't really room-related - I found the flippin' cutest argyle onesie.  I think it's totally gender-neutral, but probably only because I'm allergic to the color pink.

Found a super cute growth chart.  Peanut has to be 2 feet tall to start using this.  Yes, I realize that peanut will be like 14 by the time s/he starts using it.  Shut up.  It's cute.  Looking at this picture, I'm not sure why there isn't a monkey decal between those two circle decals.  I think we forgot.  It's a busy little strip of wall.

Crib & Changer, courtesy of grandma and grandpa.  Got the leaf canopy at Ikea today, $15.  Love the monkey blanket Tom picked out at Target, $13.

Boppy can live in the crib until baby moves in.  Body-less bear that Tom picked out likes sitting on it.  Much love to our breathable bumper.

Crib side-view.

Funky Ikea mirror ($10), adorable monkey lampshade, Ikea dresser ($70).  Got some awesome drawer dividers from Ikea while we were there too.  Can't wait to start putting little socks and whatnot in there.


Still need to hang that blackout shade.  Also need to put up a valance.  Family crest above the window.  Papasan swing from my Craigslist haul.

Not much has changed here - recliner, shelving, cute little globe lights from 5 Below.  <3 to my monkey trashcan!

No big changes here either.

So that's Peanut's room for now.  We're exhausted.  That dresser was a BEAST to put together today.

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