Monday, September 27, 2010

24 Weeks

Annnnnd, we're viable.  The idea behind this day absolutely makes me want to be sick.  On the one hand, I'm thrilled to have made it to this day.  This is a huge milestone for me, and for Aidan.  If he were born today, there would be roughly a 50% chance that he'd survive.  That number sounds simultaneously insanely high and terrifyingly low.

I am so outrageously lucky to have had such an easy, uncomplicated pregnancy.  Aidan has been wonderful, and while I am feeling very uncomfortable, it's all due to my own body's problems and not because the pregnancy is in any way complicated.  I am very thankful for the wonderful doctor I have found, and for the fact that he is not an alarmist psychopath.  Hearing him tell me how wonderful Aidan and I are looking is the highlight of my month (soon to be the dual highlights!).

We have an ultrasound today to look at Aidan's spine and re-measure all of his little parts.  Tom has been able to take time from work to do this together.  He hasn't seen our baby boy since 9 weeks, and I think he's going to be floored at how much has changed.  I haven't seen him in 5 1/2 weeks, and I know I'll be shocked.

I haven't previously asked many questions during ultrasounds. No news is good news, right?  If all continues to go well, this will be our last ultrasound.  I am hoping for the confidence to ask lots of questions today.

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