Monday, September 27, 2010

Aidan's 24w ultrasound

Don't look at mah face!  You're looking?!  I'm covering it up then!

Aidan is emphatically still a boy.  His money shot was pretty ambiguous at ~19w - but 5 weeks later it is clear as day.  Or else my daughter most definitely has a penis.  In which case we have some things to discuss.

For your own perusal, see exhibit A (the first "it's a boy" shot)

And Exhibit B (today's shot - haven't scanned it in, but here's a picture of the picture):

Tom was actually able to squeeze a few words out of the radiologist (huge accomplishment, trust me).  We actually got her to say that his spine looks good!  I think I'm happier today than I was the day I found out I was pregnant.  I'll feel even better when I hear these words from my doctor, but I'm pretty much walking on air this afternoon.

My breechie flipped himself over and is head down.  Stay there, baby bear!  And please stop kicking whatever you're kicking that's causing sharp pain in the weirdest places imaginable.

Still, I wouldn't be a pregnant lady without reading something into nothing and getting all sketched out. 
At the end of the scan, I asked how Aidan was measuring and she got all weird and mumbled something about how there's really no way to tell, but that I could read some baby books and find out how big he is "because they're all pretty much the same right now."

I don't know, it just sat funny with me.  They can absolutely tell if they're measuring ahead and behind, and the fact that she wouldn't say makes me a little suspicious that he's measuring either a little bit big or a little bit small - which I'm sure is completely fine, but I found it unnerving that she got all sketchy and refused to say anything.  But yeah, I know, they're really not supposed to. 

Bottom line, monkey looks healthy, so mommy is happy!


  1. There is absolutely 0% chance that your monkey isn't a boy!! Look at that peen!