Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just the Facts

1. It's a Boy!  Just as 99.8% of us suspected.  Why anyone thinks "oh.  too bad it's not a girl" is an appropriate response is beyond me, but most people are really excited.  I'll confess to breathing a major sigh of relief.  Boys I can handle.

2. Our Boy is named, and my Husband is a loudmouth, so keeping it Private is pretty much shot.  And by "pretty much" I mean "completely."  Since everyone else and their mother knows, I might as well say it here.  Our son's name is Aidan Thomas, and if you even *try* coming up with a nickname for Aidan, I will break your face.  Clearly his nickname is Hatchy, no matter how horrified this makes Grandma. 

I am debating heading over to BRU this weekend to trade in the high chair we have for a 25% off coupon for the high chair we want.  We have until Sept 19th to do it, so we'll see.

We are all signed up for every kind of class I can think of needing.  We're taking a Infant/Child CPR and First Aid class in September, a breastfeeding class in October (though I doubt it will be as fun as Tom is hoping...), and a 3 week childbirth class in November.  Seems early but my doc says I should have it all done by the end of month 7.  And I'm a rule-follower.  So I'll be done with all of it by 31 weeks.

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