Friday, September 3, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bear Suits - Oh My!

Dear Aidan,

Today, I bought you a warm fuzzy bear suit.  You will be born in the winter, and I want you to be warm.  Also, I want you to be adorable.  I'm thinking this bear suit accomplishes both.

The funny thing is that this is approximately the ten thousandth item of clothing I've gotten for you, and yet for some reason, it really got to me.  After work I sat in my car looking at your teeny tiny suit and just lost it.  Thinking about how tiny you are right this very minute and how much bigger you will be when I meet you.  Thinking about all the little nudges and pokes that you give me all day to remind me that you're still here.  Like I would ever forget.  Thinking about how lucky Daddy and I are to have you and how much we're looking forward to looking into your tiny little face.  Wondering what color your eyes will be, whether you'll have Daddy's red hair, and what your favorite song will be.  Wondering how long it will take you to figure out that Mommy really really can't sing, but she'll try, just for you.

I don't know why your little bear suit made me think about all of these things, but I bet this will be one of my favorites.  Please, Aidan, try to get at least one or two wears out of it because you poop it beyond recognition.

We love you, Hatchy.  Keep growing, stay healthy, and maybe cut my sciatic nerve a break.  Or don't.  I mean, whichever.

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  1. Your post made me cry. (In a good way of course!!) I know exactly how you feel. I am due January 15, 2011 and everyone has been buying us all kinds of clothes. But there is this one little green fuzzy sleeper with the feet in it that I bought, and every time I see it it makes me weepy. I guess because of the feet it looks like the shape of a little boy already and I just CANNOT imagine that in a few short months there will be a little boy to fit inside that sleeper. I picture putting him in it after giving him a bath and kissing him all over with love and squishing his little round cheeks.Sometimes I chase my husband around the house with it going "Daddy, Daddy! Daddy! as though he is here already". Its so real!