Wednesday, December 29, 2010

37w2d Appointments

We had this week's NST this afternoon, and Aidan looked fabulous as usual.  Tom got to see him on the ultrasound for the first time since 24w.  He really was mesmerized by that little heartbeat.

After the NST, it was time for my regular weekly funfest at the doctor's office.  My blood pressure is under really good control with the bedrest and the meds.  I lost another 3lbs this week (lost 1lb last week), bringing my total gain down to 26lbs.  I'll go ahead and chalk it up to all that throwing up I did this morning.  Which Dr. B says could be my body "trying to go into labor."  Try harder, body.

I am GBS negative, so yay, at least something went right.  Dr. B declared me 2cm/80%/-2 and seems ever so positive that Aidan will show up early.  I wish I shared that optimism.  I don't though.  It sort of bothers me actually, because if I didn't know all these girls online, I'd assume from what he told me that I'd be having this baby any second now.  He even semi-jokingly told me to "hold out" until new years day, because he's on call then and he knows how badly I want him delivering Aidan.  And when I hopped off the table and said I'd see him next Wednesday, he responded "oh, I think I'll hear from you before then..."  Don't get my hopes up, old man.  It's just not fair.

I am a little confused on this next part.  The NST went well and my BP is under good control with the meds.  So Dr. B has decided I now have to have two NST's per week instead of one.  Sigh.  Fine.  Apparently this is the price I pay for being written out of work.  Though driving an hour each way to the hospital three times a week until I deliver can't actually be anyone's idea of "bedrest" - can it?

So my next week looks like this:
Tomorrow: have to be at Lankenau at noon for my appointment with the anesthesiologist
Friday: have to be at Lankenau by 11am for a NST and ultrasound
Monday: have to be at Lankenau by 11:15 for a NST and ultrasound
Wednesday: have to be at Lankenau by 10:30 for an internal with Dr. B
Thursday: have to be at Lankenau by 11am for a NST and ultrasound

I haven't tinkered with the following week's schedule yet.  I can't think that far into the future.  My head hurts.  But it will probably be a similar Mon/Wed/Thurs setup.  And at the end of all that, if Aidan hasn't shown his little face, I guess I'll get an induction date (please, no)

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  1. I know an induction isn't ideal, but I was induced after my water broke and the pitocin really wasn't as bad as I feared it would be from all the stories I'd read online. They initially thought I'd be in labor a whole day, since I wasn't contracting and I wasn't dialated at all when my water broke, but the pitocin started labor and after I got an epidural I shot from 4 cm dialated to 10 in an hour, and delivered the baby shortly after that. Best of luck to you!