Thursday, December 30, 2010

37w3d Appointment - Fun with Anesthesia!

Today's trek to Lankenau was all kinds of fun with anesthesia.  Traffic was inexplicably insane today, soso it took a really, really long time to get there.  When I finally arrived and got myself to Outpatient Testing, I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork that didn't seem to apply to me in the slightest.  Clearly this stuff is meant for people having planned surgeries.  Which I'm not. 

Eventually, I filled things out enough to be allowed to speak to the doctor.  The man is old and insane, and I desperately hope that anyone but him does my epidural.  He seemed entirely unable to finish a sentence without forgetting what he was saying.  Mildly terrifying, not going to lie.

The consensus is that I **should** be able to get the epi, it just may take a few tries to get a placement.  Yay.  I also need to bring my films to the hospital so that the anesthesiologist on call can take a look.

Keep those fingers crossed for me.  I have no interest in a drug-free birth.

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