Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Week Old!

He's a week old.  Holy cow, where did the past week even go?! 

Aidan is amazing.  Every parent says that, I know.  But he is.  He goes to sleep smiling and wakes up excited to see what the world has to show him.  He's wide-eyed and curious.  Don't believe me?

The wide-eyes I get while nursing are great.  I have a picture, but it's probably not appropriate for blog consumption.

Aidan is more or less the spitting image of daddy, but I managed to sneak in the Dobrynski nose and mommy's mile-long fingers and toes.  I just keep thinking to myself - how did we make something so perfect?  He's happy and healthy, he eats like a champ and breastfeeding is working out great, he's (so far) laid-back and calm, and he doesn't even mind cold boob-juice.  I'm a lucky mama.

More updates to come - so much in my head that I want to get down - but you know the rule.  Sleeping baby = sleeping mommy.

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