Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Month Doctor visit

Aidan had his 1 Month doctor visit today (he's 5w, but who's counting?)  We saw a totally new and different pediatrician, and I worried that no pediatrician could be as good as OUR pediatrician, so naturally this one was probably going to kill my child.  Only she didn't, and she was very good, and we like her.  Crisis averted. 

The Good:

My baby is monstrous.  8lb10oz, up three entire pounds from his discharge weight.  The nurse was all "oh, wow.  So uh, are you sure you're not supplementing?"  Yes, I'm sure.  The formula fairy is not feeding my child at night (though it would be lovely if she were, because I'd probably be getting more sleep).  This puts him in the 25th percentile for height (20.5"), weight (8.10), and head circumference (14.5").  Hooray for symmetrical growth?

His "diaper area" problem is all better.  Won't require surgery.  I don't think I posted about it, because what baby needs his testicular problems broadcast to the blogiverse, but suffice it to say that all is well now.

The Bad:

His circumcision doesn't look quite right, imo, and I asked the doctor about it.  It is apparently attempting to reattach itself.  Penile adhesions.  Foul.  I already curse the fact that I am forced to keep one of those parts clean (isn't this DADDY'S job?), and now I have to "gently retract" it after every bath.  Which is evidently every night.  So, um, time to start bathing my child more often.  Noted.

We also think the poor little guy is suffering from silent reflux.  We are starting him on Zantac and seeing how things are two weeks from now.  I'm not super convinced that he needs the meds, but we'll see.  Maybe he'll turn into a happier Aidan.

The Ugly:
Okay, it's not fair to call this ugly.  It's just the cosmetic stuff. 

His rashes all look perfectly fine and just like normal baby acne.  They should clear up in the next couple of weeks.  Score one for mommy, who thought he looked fine.  In your face daddy, for thinking Aidan was allergic to everything in the world including Mommy.

His pink eyelid, which we were told was from the "trauma of birth" but hasn't gone away, is apparently a storkbite.  Lucky kid - it's on his eyelid and can only be seen while he's sleeping.  And it should be much lighter by 1 yr and probably gone by age 5.  Storks bite some kids.  My kid?  The stork attempted to peck his eyeball out. 

Other stuff and things:

We need to start giving him Vitamin D drops.  They didn't bother telling us this at his first checkup because, as the nurse "unofficially" put it, so few of their breastfeeding moms at the first checkup are still breastfeeding by the 1 month visit, it just makes more sense to discuss it at the 1 month with whoever's still doing it.  O-kay.  Yes, we're still breastfeeding, and no, we're not supplementing, because my nipples apparently excrete lard and what more could a growing baby ask for?

Also, no parent ever gives their child enough tummy time, and we are apparently no exception.  I'd heard that it was acceptable to let him lie on his tummy on my chest, and as long as he was pulling his head up and stuff, it counted.  Turns out?  LIES, and I am the WORST MOTHER EVER!!! for not faceplanting him on the floor.  I fail to see the difference, but what do I know?  So I guess we'll work on that.

Hep B vaccine number 2  has been administered.  His face turned so many shades of purple, and I found out that he has a new "omg this FREAKING HURTS" cry.  And when he cried, I wanted to cry.  He looked up at me with his "mommy, why did you let this HAPPEN?" eyes, and I instantly began to dread next month's visit.

None of these things were the best part of the doctor visit though.  The very best part was that Aidan got to rock his AWESOME BOOTS!

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