Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Swag we Love

Inspired (as usual) by Missie's blog, I thought I'd put together my own list of "stuff we adore" now that we're home and in some kind of routine...

The Moby - Not all kids like it, but mine adores it.  He gets to snuggle into my neck and be upright, I get two free arms, everyone's happy.  It's not awful on my back, either.  I foresee this being our savior on the plane next weekend.

The Wubbanub - It's the binky that my son adores, attached to an adorable stuffed animal.  What's not to love?  We have the ducky and the pony, but I'm already salivating over more of them.  I love that he's starting to actually hold onto the stuffed animal - it gives his hands something to do other than gouge his own eyes out (a favorite pastime) and it allows him to at least attempt to stuff it back in his mouth when it falls out (occasionally successful).  On the mommy front - it's easy to find in my purse or in the dark. 

Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets - I knew I loved these before I met them.  They come in 4-packs and they're a bit pricey, but don't be discouraged.  We have at least a dozen of them, and we adore them.  They're unbeatable for swaddling - they're HUGE without being bulky and a little bit stretchy - I can get a pretty fantastic swaddle going with these suckers.  Aside from the obvious swaddle perfection, they're awesome for so many other things too - they can keep me from giving the world a show when I nurse in public, they cover and add padding to the random places I sometimes decide to change the boy, they go under the boy in the swing/RnP/bouncer/whatever in case of a blowout, they provide a light cover over the carseat when I don't want the world's germs in there, and I'm sure there are many more uses waiting to be discovered.  We love these.  Have I mentioned how much we love these?

The "easy swaddle" options - We like the Woombie and the Swaddleme.  The woombie is a peanut-shaped marvel of modern science, great when Aidan's wearing warm, fleecy jammies and I don't want to cook him in a warm fleecy swaddleme.  I just zip him into the straitjackety comfort of a woombie and he's a happy man.  The swaddleme is perfect for when he's sleeping in just a t-shirt and I want to give him a nice warm swaddle.  It's also a tighter swaddle than the woombie, good for when he's really losing his mind and in need of containment.  I love having both of these options.  They're idiot-proof.

Eat, Sleep, Poop journal - we all have our favorite ways of tracking those things that the pediatrician expects us to just KNOW off the top of our heads for those first few insane weeks.  I'm old school.  I love this journal.  We started out tracking when and how much we fed him and how many wet and poopy diapers we were getting.  We don't care much about diapers anymore as we head into week 4, but we definitely still care about feeding and are starting to try to track sleep patterns too.  

Rock n Play Sleeper - Aidan's current resting place.  He loves being upright, so this bed was made for him.  It's the perfect height for sitting right next to my bed, too.  I can reach over and cover him up, or grab him for that lovely middle-o-the-night feeding.  Easy to rock, sturdy, and the boy likes it.  No complaints here :)

Baby Jogger City Mini - We love this stroller.  The carseat adapter works great, our carseat snaps right in and rides nice and high.  The stroller is super light and very maneuverable.  I have nothing but the highest praise for this thing.  We have the child tray (for later), the cooler bag, and the universal parent console.  Very happy with all of our accessories so far.

We've also had some product preference emerge.  
- We prefer Huggies wipes over Pampers.  They're thicker and easier to rip in half (we use half a wipe to cover "the fountain" while using the other half to wipe his still-tiny butt.)
- We prefer Pampers diapers over Huggies.  Huggies just seem so oddly-shaped.  So far, no leak problems with either, so really, I can't complain.
- We prefer My Brest Friend over Boppy for breastfeeding.  It's a stupid name for a great product.  Gives mommy some back support, too.  We do still love our Boppies (we have two) for lounging around in.  We're thrilled that we have both :)

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