Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mommy is Thrifty

Because so many of us are into this sort of thing, I thought I'd post about my adventures in couponing.  Living in a tiny Norristown apartment, we emphatically do NOT have the room for the hoarder-esque stockpiles proudly showcased on Extreme Couponing.  Nor do I have the desire to possess 74 boxes of a brand of cereal that we don't eat.

Still, there's so much to save even when you remain fairly brand-loyal and only buy what you fairly immediately need.

How and where to coupon is partly a regional thing, but here's what I do:
- I get coupons from the weekly inserts (Red Plum and SmartSource) from my local Sunday paper.  I signed up for Sunday-only delivery for $1 per week.  What I obtain in coupons more than pays for this, for sure!
- I print coupons online
- I match these manufacturer's coupons to store sales and store coupons with the help of sites like KrazyCouponLady
- I shop primarily at Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS (there is one of each within 2 minute of my apartment) but also at Target and Walmart.
- My main savings are on health & beauty and household items, but I definitely also clip and save at the grocery stores!

Anyway, this morning's fun included stops at Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, and Target.  I am a master list-maker and shopping-trip-planner, so each stop was really, really quick and the boys stayed in the car.

Rite Aid:
The merch: 2 big bags of combos, 4 tubes of Colgate toothpaste, 2 tubs of Pampers baby wipes
Total product value: $27.52 plus tax
Total paid out of pocket (minus coupons): $13.44
Total +UP rewards/coupons received (valid for next visit): $14.96

Net earnings of $1.52.  You make this too easy, Rite Aid!

The merch: 2 Secret clinical strength deodorants, 1 bag of Hershey's Bliss chocolate
Total Product Value: $24.77 plus tax
Total paid out of pocket: $17.69
Total ExtraCare Bucks (valid for next visit) $5.99

It's instances like these where if I wasn't brand-loyal and very specific on what I want, I could save a ton more.  Secret Clinical Strength runs upwards of $8 or $9 full price.  Even with a sale and a coupon, it's expensive deodorant.  But it's what I use, and my personal opinion is that a deal's only a deal if it's for something that I want.

Net spend of $11.70.  I can live with that. 

The merch: 2 bags of knorr pasta sides, a cucumber, a banana (the cucumber and the banana are lunch for Aidan.  Not actually on the shopping list.), 4 boxes of q-tips
Product Value: $16.65
Total paid out of pocket: $10.71
Total GC rewards received: $5

Net spend of $5.71. 

The Merch: a container of lysol wipes, 4 bottles of soda, 2 boxes of cereal.
Product Value: $17.11

Paid out of pocket: $5.83
Total RR received (valid next trip) $1

Net spend of $4.83.

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  1. I'm super jealous you have a Super Target! There are none in the Pittsburgh area... yet. If there was on in my town, I'd do all my shopping there.