Sunday, May 9, 2010

The story of a BFP

I first tested at 6dpo (hear me out!) because I wanted to be *sure* I knew what a BFN reeeally looked like.  Got my BFN and was totally cool with it because I knew what I was looking for my BFP not to look like.  Then I tested at 7dpo because I like peeing on things, and my internet cheapies are only 24 cents each.  BFN, no doubt about it.  Totally cool with it.

Then, on Friday, I tested with FMU at 8dpo and I was SO sure I saw a faint line that I tested again.  Saw the same faint line, but really couldn't be sure.  It was so so super faint, I couldn't trust myself.  Spent the entire 8dpo day at work playing with color inversion, contrast, you name it.  Tested AGAIN with "haven't peed in 3 1/2 hours" urine that night and got my faintish line again.  Now I was pretty sure, but decided an FRER was in order.

9dpo rolls around on Saturday and I woke up super early, peed in a tupperware, capped it up tightly, bagged the whole shebang up, and took my pee pee tupperware (I've since thrown it away, not to worry) to walmart to buy a pack of FRER's.  Dipped one and DEFINITE pink line.  SQUEE!  Dipped an internet cheapie in the same FMU, got the same superfaint line.

I HAD to tell DH.  IMMEDIATELY.  But I also had to work!  I was babysitting D and G all day, and I NEEDED to get this off my chest.  So I went back into walmart, bought the cutest little Phillies onesie and an adorable little card and wrapped it up in a box (and threw in the positive FRER for good measure!) that said Open Me!

I raced home with the box and left it on the coffee table.  Dipped the other FRER in the parking lot at home, just because I wanted to see it again :)  Gorgeously dual-lined, of course :)

At this point, I decided a digital test was in order - so I dipped that too.  Then I raced back to work, semi-praying that I wouldn't get pulled over. Every two seconds, I glanced down at the digital, waiting for it to develop.  When it finally did, I had to pull over, because I was crying.  There's nothing more beautiful than this: