Thursday, August 5, 2010


The bottom half is catching up with the top half, which is impressive since the top half is doing its best to become a comical nightmare...

The top half doesn't look so bad in the picture, somehow, but my lovely 34Bs have morphed into ungodly 36E's that bump into things that the rest of me doesn't even come close to bumping into.  Most frequently, this is the car door. 

I'm way happier with the bottom half, which is starting to look more like there might be a person in there, and less like there are 800 McNuggets in there (and I prefer Wendy's nuggets, tyvm).

If anyone was wondering how I got pregnant so quickly, I submit the following photograph, which depicts a certain FERTILITY STATUE that my husband keeps on a bookcase a mere 5 feet from my bed.  It actually bears a striking resemblance to me these days.

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