Thursday, December 23, 2010

Music to my Ears

Belden's nurse called to give me the exciting results of my 24h pee jug.  I missed the call, but she left a message, telling me that my protein levels were "less than 300" so I don't have gestational hypertension. 

Um, okay.  So this is good news, right?  So now I can stop taking these pills twice a day, I can get off bedrest, I can go back to work, and life is good.  Right?  Right?? 

I decide the only reasonable course of action is to call back and clarify.  Nobody seemed to remember calling me.  I finally find someone who remembers making the call (Thank you, Nurse Candy) and ask her what's up.  Oops, she misspoke.  I don't have Pre-E.  I do have Pregnancy Hypertension.  I do need to keep taking my pills, doing the NST's every week, having two BP checks per week, and staying on bedrest.  Rats.

I figure this is the time to mention that I still haven't been given any documentation for leaving work.  I ask for it, and Nurse Candy acts like it's the most bizarre request she's ever gotten.  "What should it say?"  Seriously?  Have you never had to write one of these?  Does no other pregnant woman on bedrest need to provide anything to their disability provider?  Really?

Anyway...  uneventful day, except that I just noticed that it's only 25 days until Aidan is due.  So that feels like some sort of milestone.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve - our last Christmas Eve without our son.  Then Christmas Day.  Then I guess Sunday or Monday I need to venture out of the casa to get a BP check somewhere shady, because I'm not back at Lankenau until Wednesday.  Not much else going on for the next few days - here's to hoping all is uneventful! :)

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  1. I'm so glad it's not pre-E. Merry Christmas, to you, T, Aidan, and the kitties!