Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My 2w PP checkup

Aidan and I returned to Lankenau today, for the first time since we were discharged.  It was my 2 week blood pressure check. 

The visit itself was disappointing - my blood pressure is still really high, so I continue to be stuck on these meds until my next checkup in a month.  I hate the pills - they make my asthma worse, they upset my stomach, and they make me sleepy - just what I need right now, right?  But even on the pills twice a day, my BP is still "elevated" - so I guess right now I really do need them.

It was nice to bring Aidan in to meet Dr. Belden though.  I realize they're all required to say this, but it was still nice to hear everyone say how adorable he is.  Because, I mean, look at him.  He totally is.

We also stopped off at BRU to buy Aidan a little present.  Meet Ducky:

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